Colina Salon Inc is a beauty and a medical aesthetic management company founded by Hollywood Celebrity Hair and Make-up Artist and California License Nurse Marlou Colina. We are a dynamic aesthetic company that provides excellent beauty services with excellence and honesty. Located in the business posh metropolis of Bixby Knolls in Long Beach California, we bring you the best service in hair, make-up, skin care, surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures available today.

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It is true that the quest for beauty does not plague Western culture alone: It’s a global phenomenon and a primal one, too. In the African bush, for example, tribeswomen beautify themselves with face paint to beautify themselves, and while Japanese geisha’s whiten their face with powder, their Indian sister’s are busily decorating themselves with henna.


Kylie Minouge @ Oscars After Party 2015

In Hollywood, celebrity make-up artist Marlou Colina is busily pampering his client’s  like Pilar Lastra of the TV series “Las Vegas“, and NBC’s Hector Bustamante of the daytime drama “Passions“, and the Grammy Winner song composer and producer David Foster. Moving to the United States at 20, he wasn’t sure that he was going to make it as a make-up artist. He graduated BS Psychology in the Philippines and pursued his studies in nursing in California and worked as a licensed nurse in Los Angeles. While working, he knew that his heart belongs to the beauty industry where his was mesmerized with the different make-up techniques he learned in the school of aesthetics and cosmetology. He then shifted his path and worked at MAC cosmetics in San Francisco. Working for ABC 7 news anchorwoman Denise Dador opened his doors in television and landed a job in TFC cable TV as a make-up artist for immigration corner “Citizen Pinoy” with  Atty. Michael Gurfinkel and “Speak Out“.

Celebrity Client, Award-Winning Hollywood Movie Producer, Harvey Weinstien of The Weinstein Company.

Celebrity Client, Award-Winning Hollywood Movie Producer, Harvey Weinstien of The Weinstein Company.

Marlou’s favorite about his job, besides his craft, is the rare instance that he clicks with the actor or the actress in his chair. For those inspired by his career and wondering how to get to this level, he recommends, ” not to be discouraged. There are so many outlets, whether it is the theater, television or film. Keep abreast of the different apprenticeship and internships. If you are ready in the field, keep up with classes and workshops. I learn something new almost everyday”.

When asked what product he could not leave the backstage without, he replied ” Benefits’ benetint for those natural rosy pink cheeks and lip. It’s waterproof and kissproof “.

Selena Gomez @ the Oscars After Party 2015

Selena Gomez @ the Oscars After Party 2015

His approach in make-up is both top-of-the-line conventionalmake-up like MAC cosmetics, Joe Blasco, Laura Mercier, Lancome, Estee Lauder and Smash Box. and the famous airbrush technique for his bridal hair and make-up services. It is the only technique of choice in high definition television because it provides a smooth and perfect skin tone effect that gives long-lasting, full coverage. Airbrush make-up can last up to 16 hours that cannot be achieved by conventional make-up application.

“The final look of the bride has to look natural and simple, yet enhanced  with make-up. I always treat my brides like a diva on that special day. Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Marlou is recognized in the Asian-American market both local and international. In 2004, he was hailed as “Make-up Artist of the Year” by Celebrity Chornicles in Hollywood. The following year, the same award was given to him by Philippine Headliners in Sacramento.

with David Pomeranz

with David Pomeranz

You can read his column on beauty basics in a leading social networking sitee “Facebook”, where he talks about new updates and must haves on hair, skincare and make-up., and any upcoming events in Los Angeles.

In 2010 he was chosen as the beauty editor of “The Philippines Magazine.”

He is also proud to support the white ribbon campaign of men working to end violence against women headed by senator Leland Yee.

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